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Front End Developer

Job description:

MERIDIAN (Marine Environmental Research Infrastructure for Data Integration and Application Network) is seeking a front-end developer with experience in data visualization to join our Halifax team for the summer of 2019.

Sound is widely used by researchers across a wide range of disciplines as a tool to explore the world's oceans. Marine biologists use sound to track and study whales, while geophysicists use sound to investigate the composition of the seafloor, to name just two examples. For many applications, the amount of data that is being collected far exceeds the capacity for manual analysis.

We, at MERIDIAN, are developing novel analytical and visualization software to address this pressing problem and bring cutting-edge computer science technologies such as Deep Learning and Big Data approaches to the acoustic ocean sciences. This includes tools to model underwater noise pollution and Deep-Learning based software for detecting and classifying sounds made by fishes and marine mammals.

We are seeking someone to help us with the technical and graphical aspects of building an interactive interface for our most recent sound detection and classification toolkit. You should be comfortable in an innovative and highly collaborative environment, and passionate about creating beautiful data visualizations and intuitive user interfaces.

As the successful candidate will primarily be working on the front-end development for a web app that will allow marine biologists to analyze acoustic data with the help of neural networks. This project offers a unique opportunity to work in a highly interdisciplinary environment. You will be interacting and collaborating with the research personnel of MERIDIAN and the Institute for Big Data Analytics, who have expert knowledge in fields as varied as ecology, geoscience, information science, astrophysics and, of course, computer science. Moreover, you will be exposed to state-of-the-art data analysis techniques and obtain highly job-relevant experience in a rapidly growing sector in research and industry.

What you will be doing:

  • Function as a reliable contributor of a highly skilled development team.
  • Develop an user interface for an interactive web app for sound detection and classification
  • Communicate effectively with the rest of the team
  • Develop interactive visualizations for acoustic data (such as spectrograms and waveforms)
  • Write reusable and well documented code (a small javascript plugin, for example)

Essential qualifications:

  • Exceptional problem solving skills.
  • Strong knowledge of front end development (html, css, javascript)
  • Experience using the Html5 canvas component and the d3 javascript library for interactive data visualization
  • A good sense of aesthetics and user experience

Desired qualifications:

  • Strong communications skills.
  • Self-motivated and works with minimal direction.
  • Takes ownership of tasks.
  • Able to gather information independently and learn quickly.
  • Experience using version control systems (we use git/gitlab)

Optional Qualifications:

  • Familiarity back-end development (Flask/Django)
  • Familiarity with machine learning concepts
  • Interest in bioacoustics and marine biology
  • Interest in signal processing


Four months beginning in summer (negotiable)