We are a consortium of ocean researchers, computer scientists, and data managers building a Canadian data infrastructure for underwater acoustic and vessel tracking data.

Recent Developments

  • MERIDIAN Winter Webinar Series
    In the coming months, MERIDIAN is organizing a number of webinars under the common theme of ‘Novel software tools for ocean acoustics’. The first webinar in the series takes place on Wednesday November 18th and Read more…
  • Ketos v2.1
    Check out the latest version of Ketos at https://docs.meridian.cs.dal.ca/ketos/. The new release includes several new neural network architectures and a brand new tutorial demonstrating how to build a deep learning acoustic detector.
  • Article about deep learning in the Journal of Ocean Technology
    MERIDIAN staff Fabio Frazao, Bruno Padovese, Oliver Kirsebom, and P.I. Stan Matwin have authored a short article about Deep Learning and its applications to ocean acoustics, which has been published in the latest issue of Read more…

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