Nous sommes un consortium de chercheurs océanographiques, d'informaticiens et de gestionnaires de données qui construisent une infrastructure de données canadienne pour les données acoustiques sous-marines et de suivi des navires.

Recent Developments

  • We’ve found our namesake vessel
    On a field trip to Gaspé peninsula, MERIDIAN Co-PI Yvan Simard, came across a vessel with the inscription ‘MERIDIAN 66’ on its stern, see photo below. Thus, at long last, we have discovered the origin Lire la suite…
  • MERIDIAN Receives Large CFI Award
    As demand for resources continues to grow, nations turn their attention to the oceans, not least Canada with its world’s longest coastline. Along with the changing climate, the increased human presence impacts the marine ecosystems, Lire la suite…
  • Joint DFO/MERIDIAN Webinar
    On April 6th, MERIDIAN hosted a 2-hour webinar entitled “Deep Dive into the Artificial Intelligence efforts at DFO”. In case you missed it, you can view a video recording of the entire event on our Lire la suite…

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