AIS Data License Request Form

Request access to vessel tracking data provided by exactEarth Ltd.

MERIDIAN Discovery Portal

Search for underwater acoustic data or add your own dataset to the catalogue

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Python package for modelling ocean ambient noise


Graphical interface for running pre-trained Ketos models


Python package for developing deep learning models to solve detection and classification tasks in underwater acoustics

MERIDIAN Metadata Profile

The metadata standard used for describing datasets in the MERIDIAN Discovery Portal

Atlas du paysage sonore sous-marin

A web application for visualizing noise levels in the ocean

Spectrogram image


A light-weight Javascript plugin for visualizing spectrograms in web applications

Coming Soon

Decision Making Tool

A web app that helps groups of people choose among a competing set of alternatives based on their individual preferences

Acoustic Tracking Toolkit

A python package to assist researchers in modelling the efficiency of acoustic tracking arrays.


A catalogue of all known fish sounds, made available to researchers and the public through a web portal.