Author:   Oliver Kirsebom – Lead Acoustic Data Analyst

Held every three years, Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life is a major international conference that brings together a wide spectrum of specialists from different sectors (university, industry, government, NGO), all sharing an interest in marine animals and a concern for their well-being in an underwater environment affected by human-made noise. 312 delegates from 27 countries attended this year’s conference, which took place in The Hague in The Netherlands, among them four MERIDIAN team members. Yvan Simard gave a plenary talk on the effects of shipping noise on the beluga whale in the St. Lawrence estuary, while Amalis Riera reported new surprising discoveries about the sound repertoire of sablefish. Meanwhile Francis Juanes presented on human-made noise in fishery closure areas and Oliver Kirsebom gave plenary talks about MERIDIAN’s Ocean Soundscape Atlas project and our efforts towards developing Deep-Learning based sound detection and classification tools. Go to the Presentation Archive to view all MERIDIAN presentations and posters for this conference.

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