We would like to invite you to attend the Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) & MERIDIAN workshop this fall (November 1st – 3rd, 2022 from 12:30 to 4:30pm ADT each day) on

Machine Learning Advances for Marine Acoustics and Imagery Data

The workshop will be held in webinar format with technical panel discussions over three days focusing on 

  1. Machine learning (ML) applications for underwater acoustic data, 
  2. ML applications for ocean imagery and aerial/satellite imagery data,
  3. Collocated acoustic and imagery data for ocean science applications.

The workshop will investigate ML applications to ocean big data, in particular acoustics data and image/video data, explore areas of particular interest and relevance, and identify the critical next steps for implementing practical solutions and facilitating widespread application of ML techniques to ocean data.

Day one will address ML/deep learning for developing acoustic detection and classification models for underwater passive acoustic monitoring, day two will evaluate ML/deep learning for automating the analysis of underwater image and video data, as well as aerial and satellite imagery data. On day three we discuss collocated data sources, research problems that could be solved with ML tools, and collaboration opportunities among institutions.

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Please contact the workshop planning team (rgehrmann@dal.ca) for any questions.

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