We are hiring

MERIDIAN is searching for a Software Developer to help us build web applications for deep-learning supported audio analysis. Read the full job description here: https://dal.peopleadmin.ca/postings/5352

MERIDIAN Winter Webinar Series

In the coming months, MERIDIAN is organizing a number of webinars under the common theme of ‘Novel software tools for ocean acoustics’. The first webinar in the series takes place on Wednesday November 18th and deals with modelling and visualization of underwater soundscapes. Registration is free, but participation is limited, Lire la suite…

Ketos v2.1

Check out the latest version of Ketos at https://docs.meridian.cs.dal.ca/ketos/. The new release includes several new neural network architectures and a brand new tutorial demonstrating how to build a deep learning acoustic detector.

Upcoming data management workshops

This month, we are organizing another series workshops on ocean data management. Compared to the workshops held in June, these workshops will take a more practical approach, giving participants the opportunity to dive into the various aspects of the data (management) life cycle through a number of guided hands-on sessions. Lire la suite…

New Software Product: Kedgi

If you would like to use one of MERIDIAN’s deep learning algorithms on your acoustic data, but aren’t comfortable with the command line interface or programming in Python, don’t despair. Now Kedgi is here to help you! Kedgi provides a user-friendly graphical interface enabling you to run MERIDIAN acoustic detection Lire la suite…

Spectrogram image

Specviz.js plugin Release

Following a recent string of new releases, the MERIDIAN Data Analytics team is ready with yet another software product, specviz.js, a small lightweight javascript plugin for visualizing spectrograms in web applications. You can find it in our GitLab repository or download it directly from here. specviz.js was developed with the Lire la suite…