ASA Presentation and Posters

Last week, Senior Staff Scientist, Oliver Kirsebom, attended the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) meeting in Seattle, UW, presenting on recent MERIDIAN achievements. Below are the slides from his oral presentation in the special session on killer whale conservation as well as the posters he presented on behalf of MERIDIAN’s Lire la suite…

We’ve found our namesake vessel

On a field trip to Gaspé peninsula, MERIDIAN Co-PI Yvan Simard, came across a vessel with the inscription ‘MERIDIAN 66’ on its stern, see photo below. Thus, at long last, we have discovered the origin of our project’s name 🙂

MERIDIAN Receives Large CFI Award

As demand for resources continues to grow, nations turn their attention to the oceans, not least Canada with its world’s longest coastline. Along with the changing climate, the increased human presence impacts the marine ecosystems, especially in the Arctic. Therefore, to ensure sustainable use of marine resources, we must keep Lire la suite…

Joint DFO/MERIDIAN Webinar

On April 6th, MERIDIAN hosted a 2-hour webinar entitled “Deep Dive into the Artificial Intelligence efforts at DFO”. In case you missed it, you can view a video recording of the entire event on our YouTube channel, or browse the presentation slides in our Presentation Archive. Enjoy!

We are hiring

MERIDIAN is searching for a Software Developer to help us build web applications for deep-learning supported audio analysis. Read the full job description here:

MERIDIAN Winter Webinar Series

In the coming months, MERIDIAN is organizing a number of webinars under the common theme of ‘Novel software tools for ocean acoustics’. The first webinar in the series takes place on Wednesday November 18th and deals with modelling and visualization of underwater soundscapes. Registration is free, but participation is limited, Lire la suite…

Ketos v2.1

Check out the latest version of Ketos at The new release includes several new neural network architectures and a brand new tutorial demonstrating how to build a deep learning acoustic detector.

Upcoming data management workshops

This month, we are organizing another series workshops on ocean data management. Compared to the workshops held in June, these workshops will take a more practical approach, giving participants the opportunity to dive into the various aspects of the data (management) life cycle through a number of guided hands-on sessions. Lire la suite…